In South Africa it can be hard to find the right microblading and permanent makeup suppliers, trust between the supplier and customer first needed to build and it can take a period time to arrive at your studio.

4gvnSuppliers decided on starting an online shop for beauty therapists, tattoo artists and Permanent Cosmetic artists.

This will make the life easier and more convenient for everyone operation in this profession.

4gvnSuppliers started because Lené (Founder) believe that stocking the most needed tools, products and essentials should be as easy as possible. 4gvnSuppliers make it possible to have 24hour-7days a week access to the needed products, that’s essential for you to operate without difficultly.

We try to keep it as simple and convenient as we can, for you to have full access to everything you need as an artist without the wait.

4gvnSuppliers is a very futuristic proactive forward-thinking suppliers company with the most amazing products, services, quantity and quality products. 4gvnSuppliers has the vision and mission of working towards the goal of providing you the best and most affordable stock so that we can be the only store you will ever need in the future.

4gvnSuppliers has an experienced technician in office to assist all enquires and provide all the guidance and help needed during the time of your online order.

4gvnsuppleirs was established for the main reason as we saw the limitation in the market and saw the difficulty professionals go through with finding the right quality products at more affordable great prices.

4gvnSuppliers attend and co-operate in many trade shows, training seminars, workshops and educational seminars to bring new stock and tools to the market which is required by the artists to improve the quality and education of this industry.

4gvnSuppliers care about the quality, quantity and the art of permanent makeup.

4gvnSuppliers work closely together with the correct manufacturers and quality distributors all around the world so that 4gvnSuppliers can bring in the best highest quality products to South Africa.

4gvnSuppliers is South Africa's Nr.1 Permanent makeup salon and beauty suppliers, with the focus on microblading, making permanent makeup supplies more accessible, available to whoever needs it in the same industry and courier the products in the right quantities to you accordingly to your needs.

Quality products are our guarantees, whether you are looking for permanent make-up needles or beauty therapy equipment, we aim to meet the need and standards of all customers and artists.

4gvnSuppliers work with you one on one to give you the best possible service you deserve and to assist you in growing your business, talent and your art.

4gvnSuppliers will provide you with the best possible support wherever you are, whatever you need it. We are here - 24/7.

Along with amazing high-quality products, supplies, and Professional Advice; 4gvnSupplier is also proud of our strong customer service.

Please call or email with any questions to see why our customers love our products, services and keep coming back to us!!

We want to help you become the best technician you can be!