4gvnSuppliers is everything each Permanent makeup artist needs as a professional lash extension and permanent makeup supplies company.
We offer incredible permanent makeup accessories, permanent cosmetic products and supplies at a reasonable price.
4gvnSuppliers doesn’t offer certified training for beauty professionals but we do have a PCASA CPCP Certified Permanent Makeup Professional to assist you in every way you need. Receiving professional advice from the Managing Director of 4gvnSuppliers to learn basic and new techniques which will take the salon to the next level and increase your clientele and retention.
If you're interested in affordable newer, higher quality products and supplies look no further, our online shop offers a great wide variety of products from the permanent makeup numbing creams to the accessories which are using in permanent makeup procedures and more!

The permanent makeup accessories are used to assist in every permanent cosmetic procedure and to assist in the pattern of designing the perfect eyebrow on the clients brow bone. Most of the accessories that 4gvnSuppliers stock makes it very convenient to measure and create the perfect eyebrows and lip colour. 

Some of the accessories that are stocked in 4gvnsuppliers online shop is suitable to shape the eyebrows and the lip. It can be more accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup which can make everything easier.

The permanent makeup accessories are very effective in shaping, creating and measuring the eyebrows and lip structure. 4gvnSuppliers supply all the needed accessories for  a good accurate measurement and symmetrical marking to create perfect permanent makeup.

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