Silk(Coming Soon) & Mink Eyelash Extensions, Eyelash Extensions Glue

4gvnSuppliers lashes are the dynamic breakthrough in the beauty lash extention industry that enhances the looks of yours clients naturally with our afforable prices, done by exceptionally skilled professionals. 4gvnSuppliers have professional manufactures for there own range of 4gvn- Semi permanent, individual eyelash extensions(singles, strands and volume).

We provide these amazing lashes to every experience professional technicians. 4gvnSuppliers aim to provide quality products at extremely afforable prices to all technicians and artists. 4gvnSuppliers have  an extensive range of single strand lashes.

4gvnSuppliers are also looking at manufacturering  double tapered, V, W and Y lashes, and add them on to our amazing range of lashes within the next few months.  4gvnSuppliers have many options  of curls, thickness and lengths.

4gvSuppliers eyelash extensions can be applied to each clients' natural eyelashes.  4gvnSuppliers offers differents styles and types for all your appliction needs.

In the Future 4gvnSuppliers will have all the different types of lashes , styles of strip lashes, volume fans, cluster flare lashes without knots. These type of lashes are great for everyday wear and for special occasions were ever needed. 

The extensions 4gvnSuppliers supply to the Salons assist to meet the specific needs of your clients, giving every clients what they need and want. 99% of Clients are looking for a longer-fuller-thicker look that still looks beautifully natural.

4gvnSuppliers eyelash extentions offers a variety of lash options, synthetic silk and natural mink.

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