The most important procedure in the permanent cosmetic procedure is the healing process and aftercare ointments used during this procedure.

Your client needs to be improved on the necessary step that need to be taken during the healing procedure.  4gvnSuppliers have arrange of aftercare creams and gels that will be stocked soon on our online shop.

The 4gvnSuppliers cosmetic healing gel are of utmost importance during the permanent makeup recovery time eyelids, eyebrows and lips. All the ointments are only to be used after any permanent cosmetic tattoo operation or procedure. The ointment will strengthen, rejuvenate and rebuild the broken tattooed skin to prevent loss of the cosmetic pigment just inserted into the eyebrow, eyeliner or lip area.

All the chosen ointments are only to be used after the cosmetic tattooing procedures. Most of the ointments that 4gvnSuppliers stock are to be applied between three to five times a day. Each of the permanent cosmetic aftercare ointments are specially formulated, manufactured and balanced to be non-irritating to the skin and balance the pH levels of the eyes.

During the healing and aftercare process, which may take from several days up to a couple of weeks, gently cleanse the permanent tattooed area after 3 days with fragrance-free, anti-bacterial facial soap and lukewarm water. 

It is very important for the first few days after the tattooed area to avoid any direct sunlight, swimming or water, any sweating activities, or dirt and debris. During this time the area should be kept dry, clean and unpicked. For the relieve of pain, swelling and discomfort ice can be applied to the area.

This will also help reduce any form of inflammation and erythematic reactions.
According to 4gvnSuppliers expertise it is highly advisable to only use an oil or oil-based ointment for first 3-7 days during this healing process. 4gvnSuppliers recommend only natural healing ingredients in each of our products.  


During the permanent cosmetic healing process for the first few days, your treated area will ooze a clear liquid called plasma. It’s very important for the Permanent Cosmetic Artist to explain to the Client the importance to not allow the plasma not to crust on the skin. In the case where crusting has taken place, gently wash it off with warm water and apply the aftercare supplier by 4gvnSuppliers.

It’s very important to apply ointment after the permanent cosmetic is healed. The step after this is to start moisturizing the area with a good unscented, colour and pigment-free ointment. Data and advice provided by our Professional in-office permanent artist at 4gvnSuppliers offices, keeping the treated/tattooed skin nourished and moisturised during the healing peeling period and long after this period will assist with irritation, flakiness, and preserving colour density of your permanent makeup colours.

It's very important to try to educate your current and future clients to try to stay away from any balms, creams, salves and ointments that contain traces of lanolin’s or petroleum’s.

4gvnSuppliers advise to alternatively treat the tattooed area with an oil-based ointment that is rich in essential fatty acids for free- radical protection and non-greasy nourishment.


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