Numbing gels/creams are used during the permanent makeup procedure. Without the use of a numbing agent is painful, applying a numbing cream pre-procedure makes a great decision for both the client and the permanent makeup technician. The cream minimizes bleeding during the cosmetic procedure, pain and discomforts by dulling the pain receptors and nerve endings beneath the client’s skin. These nerve endings and pain receptors transmit pain signals to the brain and spinal cord. Once the numbing kicked in, the client wouldn’t feel anything during the permanent cosmetic procedure done on the specific area on the skin.

Each numbing agent contains topical anaesthetics like benzocaine, prolacaine, epinephrine or lidocaine to keep your skin numb and vasoconstriction for longer.

Numbing cream is a good choice for keeping pain and bleeding under control for your permanent makeup procedure. Since it is an OTC product, you can buy it without doctor’s prescription.

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