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Tag45# is a numbing gel designed specifically to relieve the pain & discomfort during cosmetic procedure on broken skin

This anaesthetic gel's main active Ingredients are 4% ldocaine and 0,4% epinephrine

The numbing gel is very light in texture and have a clear gel liquidy consistency non-greasy(completely free of oil).

The gel helps to relieve discomfort associated with any form of temporary pain, soreness, swelling, superficial injury to skin, such as minor cuts , scrapes or abrasions.

4vnSuppliers Tag45# numbing gel is only to be used on to broken skin externally during the cosmetic tattoo procedure

External Use on the Eyebrow, Eyeliner or Lips On Procedure /any Broken Skin

This Numbing gel that originally originates from the USA is an extremely fast acting, long acting, pain erasing topical anaesthetic which need to be use with great caution!

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