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Lip paste anaesthetic is a delicate design for permanent lip liner and lip shading procedures.

Lip patches minimizes  the amount of bleeding during the permanent lip procedure and also for the relieve of bruising, swelling, pain and discomforts. the lip patches does a great job by dulling the pain receptors and nerve endings beneath the clients skin relieving any discomfort during the cosmetic tattooing of the lips or the line of the lips.

When patches are used correctly the nerve endings and pain receptors transmit pain signals to the brain and spinal cord.

Once the numbing kicked in, the client wouldn’t feel anything during the permanent cosmetic procedure done on the specific area on the skin.

The lip patches are specially manufactured with highly concentrated ingredients, inside each sealed pack for permanent makeup artist to use in a convenient way.

The patches contain the following Active ingredients: Lidocaine, (which is the topical Analgesic), Epinephrine (Vasoconstrictor, reduces bruising and swelling)
The patches also can contain different quantities of the following topical anaesthetics like benzocaine, prolacaine, to keep your skin numb and vasoconstriction for longer.

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