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Mink lashes by 4gvnSuppliers' Manufacturers loctaed in Korea.

Each of the trays are hand- made with the best quality 

PBT fiber which is much lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes. 

These individual synthetic lashes are high gloss, curted, and tapered to perfection. They are easier to apply than regular eyelash extensions. 

4gvnSuppliers creates the beist lashes as they will never lose their curl over time and are consistent in length.

The lash extentions are extremely soft and come in different lengths- 8/9/10/11/12/13mm.  

The lashes comes different thickness and width - 0.05, 0.07, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20. 

The lashes can also create different styles by the different curls the lashes are manufactured in- J Curl, B Curl, C Curl, D Curl.

Each lash is hand made of very high quality PBT fiber

The material used to manufacter the lashes are light weighted for a more natural feel

Each lash is tapered for a more soft and natural look

Lashes are manufactered to be more durable and hold curl over time for longer

Each and every tray contains over 2000 individual lashes

Beautiful Multiplying Magnifying 4gvn individual lashes, which will be giving you client a natural look for a completely natural effect. Each set of individual lashes are made of Synthetic mink of a 0.15 thickness(C-Curl) with a flat base that is very easy to use and isn't' visible on the eyes.

4gvnSuppliers lashes has a Unique packaging allows you easily pick up the individual lashes by the base which keeps the volume lash in a perfect shape for the application. 4gvnSuppliers have Multiple lengths (8mm - 13mm) in individually package were designed specifically for ultimate customization and versatility. Each of the 4gvnSuppliers individual mink lashes have the Perfect flat thin base. Each of the 4gvn Suppliers lashes blends into the Clients lash line giving sophisticated seamless effect without the knotty appearance of lash adhesive close to base of the hair. Can be used on top and the bottom for more dramatic effect.

Each pack contains 16 Strips on individual light weighted (one length per tray) which allows you to create anything from very natural to glamorous look with the different types of trays available.

How to apply:

- Pick up the lash by the base and gently pull down to keep the perfect shape

- Dip the base in a small amount of glue and allow 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky

- Position the lash very close to your lashes (or in between the lashes)

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