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4gvnSuppliers have a variety of embroidery / microblading hand tools. 

This hand tool is very much different from all the other tools as this pen operates without power. 

This tool which is many used for microblading the eyebrows but can also use in the application of permanent eyeliner.

These are microblading hand tool, which are manufactured with a heavy stainless steel or aluminium material. 

The pens come in all different shapes, sizes and colours. With this tool, pigment is being manually cu or tapped into the skin. 

The microblading pen's blades glides gently with light pressure into the skin of the eyebrow creating fine tiny cuts and crisp lines looking like natural hair strokes. 

The cut is as fine as a paper-cut and you can hardly distinguish it from real eyebrows.

Each of the handles are 6-7mm thick and 120 mm long and weights up to 15-20grams.This is a very simple straight handle, looking professional and presentable. 

All in one microblading pens like this one can make every procedure much simpler.

The microblading doesn’t already have microblading needles inserted into the handle, as this tool can be entirely sterilised with the suitable products.

This microblading / embroidery hand tool that’s presented by 4gvnSuppliers doesn’t come with a expiry date.

It is of critical importance to replace this tool after at least 1 year of using it.

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