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This is the perfect disposable tool for brow artists trying to ensure symmetrical length,width, shape and placement of brows for their clients

This is a disposable sticky plastic ruler that are used in permanent makeup for the eyebrow procedure. 

The pmu artist can now draw eyebrows more accurately. 

4gvnSuppliers micropigmentation Ruler / Permanent Makeup Eyebrow Ruler- this is a little plastic rule that weights  less than10grams a piece with the lengths of 20 CM. 

This ruler is used to perfectly shape the eyebrows in such a way to be used on the forehead of the client,  to draw the needed eyebrow shape for the procedure that will follow according to the Clients desires

4gvnSuppliers stickt ruler is plastic  and completely transparent and can be reused which is not a must as this is a diposable product.

This product 4gvnSuppliers supply to all permanent makeup artists enable you to be used in permanent makeup for drawing the perfect set eyebrows. 

With this ruler each permanent makeup artist and microblading specialist have the full potential to draw the perfect set of eyebrows accurately.


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