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The best to use for pigment during application Permanent cosmetic applications.

Easy to clean and reuse again and makes the application much easier. 

4gvnSuppliers are very proud to have these particular cup,

These ink rings that can be easily adjusted according to your finger size. The best use of the pigment/ink ring is during the application of pigment/eyelash extentions glue.

The pigment ring iis specially manufactured for professional  use.

The ring for the cosmetic pigment can be worn on the index finger to be used on the less dominant hand for easy eyelash/ink and glue access without having to go back and forth

It is easy to store the colour pigment inside-the pigment ring hold the medium ink cup tightly in tack preventing any spilage .

This pigment is made of flexible ABS plastic. The pigment is blue, compact, convenient, clean and sanitary.

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