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The microbrushes are used to disinfect and to clean the skin/eyelid before the application of eyelash extensions and permanent makeup.

4gvnSuppliers supply disposable Microbrushes, which are specifically designed for Medical aestheticians to aid with the application of eyelash extensions and numbing gels to the treated areas.

4gvnSuppliers offer a broad selection of disposable micro brush applicators and different colours. 

The microbrushes are manufactured with natural fibres, which is anti-bacterial and 100% cotton.  

4gvnSuppliers’ Micro-Brushes are non-linting, clean and sanitary which prevent cross contamination and have a bendable neck and the base of the applicator.

The Microbrushes are typically being used to apply bonding agents, eyelash primers or cleansers to the client’s own lashes in preparation for application of eyelash extensions.

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