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The Pigment sheets are durable and excellent for use. 

The 4gvnSuppliers new pigament sheets are perfect for used to hold pigment or ink for tattoo.

The Pigment sheets are easy,  clean and effortless to store.

These cups are a 'must have' for the future. 

Perfect for a permanent cosmetic procedure....Used for either eyelash extension glue, primer, gel remover or permanent make-up pigments

The pigment sheet cups that are presented here comes in only one size to fit to a range of cup holders.

The pigment  sheet cups are perfect for hold permanent makeup ink  and other liquids which are needed during the permanent makeup/eyelas extention procedure.

4gvnSuppliers is working on this issue, to import all possible sizes.

The different  types, shapes and sizes can offer you with plenty of choices. 

4gvnSuppliers also sell pigment cups holders which are Manufactured to fit a variety of pigment cup shapes and sizes so the working area can be kept clean, mess-free and tidy.

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