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Eyebrow tattoo needles, Permanent makeup needles for fog eyebrow. 

Each and every needle is individual package and Disposable. These needles are very sharp, with a bulky 45 degree- edge  called a bevel edge. 

Each of these blades are designed to create a soft, powdery foggy eyebrows. These needles are usually used for your clients that are looking for shaded, powdery, or 'foggy', eyebrows.


4gvnSuppliers are one of few suppliers to stock the 19 round bevel 0.25mm, this needle have 19 needles in each microblade, which is designed to be uniquely slanted at a 45 degree angle for a comfortable use during the application of a cosmetic procedure.

Microblading hand tools for these needles can be found here at 4gvnSuppliers online shop.

Each and every needle from 4gvn's online shop are individually sterilised by gamma rays. 

Each of 4gvnSuppliers microblading or embroidery needles are single use needles only and must be discarded after each use in a puncture-proof/sharps container.


Very Important!!! Do not use the needle if package is broken, please inform 4gvnSuppliers ASAP so that this problem will then be resolved

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