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Our New Short Stem Russian Volume Range. 
Dollce Doll brings you the Biggest Trays on the market - 16 rows, 15 fans per line. 
C-curl is the most popular curl. It is nicely curved and suits almost anyone.  
C Curl is the slightly curved and natural looking curl.  3D, C-Curl 0.10 Russian silk eyelash extensions are perfect for individual one by one application sets.  
Super Soft and Luxurious Hand Made Russian Volume Fans. From 3D - 10D.  
Our Russian fans are renowned as being the best quality on the market, they are heat bonded meaning Absolutely No glue. 
You don't need any Russian Volume Lash training to use our fans as we've cut this extremely difficult and timely process out by building them for you, cutting not only our lash techs time in half but your lovely clients also. 
Simply Apply 1 fan per 1 healthy lash exactly the same way as you apply classic 1-1 semi permanent lashes but you will get a full, light, fluffy look. 
Leaving your clients needing more. 
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