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The Lint-free Eye Patches that 4gvnsuppliers stock can be used to tape down the lower lashes before the eyelash extensions application. 


Each of the eye patch contain a high content of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a collagen building component naturally formed in the dermal layers of the skin.

The shape of the eye gel patches contours perfectly to the client’s eye, providing a more anti-ageing, soothing, cooling and relaxing experience than using just tape alone.


Using a patented technology from Korea the Eye Patches stocked by 4gvnSuppliers slowly release moisture and nutrients according to body temperature for maximum expected results.


Strong coating surface for further protection with use of tweezers

Contains arbutin to lightening and brighten effect on the skin. 

One of the main components in the eye patches are collagen for added skin strength


Elastin is also added into the eyepatches for added skin elasticity and moisture.

This patented formula promotes tightening and firming.

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